What’s Going On In Mary Worth? And What Are We Going To Do With All These Muffins? November 2017 –



Do you have no idea why I should be giddy about the concepts of muffins? Yet you’re interested in what the heck the current storyline is in Karen Moy and June Brigman’s Mary Worth? That might be because it’s not February or maybe March 2018 when you’re reading this, and the story’s moved on. If … Continue reading "What’s Going On In Mary Worth? And What Are We Going To Do With All These Muffins? November 2017 – February 2018"

Statistics Saturday: Some Cities Which Have Not Hosted The Winter Olympics



London [except for figure staking at the 1908 Games] Stockholm Kuala Lumpur Miami Christiania, Norway Toontown Singapore Onion Valley, California Gotham City probably but who can really keep track Glarus, Switzerland Source: Big Cotton: How a Humble Fiber Created Fortunes, Wrecked Civilizations, and Put America on the Map, Stephen Yafa. The Toontown one is a … Continue reading "Statistics Saturday: Some Cities Which Have Not Hosted The Winter Olympics"

My Excuse For The Year, Apparently



So Amazon finally remembered that I ordered a Peanuts page-a-day calendar from them a month ago. And after thinking it over plenty they decided to cancel the order on the grounds that they couldn’t find a copy to send me. But their e-mail wasn’t a complete pit of Funky Winkerbean-esque hopeless despair. They suggested that … Continue reading "My Excuse For The Year, Apparently"

The Conference Call



The call is scheduled for 2:00 Friday. PM, the office manager sent out a follow-up e-mail about, as though AM were up for discussion. It’s the same joke sent out every time. But we must respect the rituals of the Conference Call. To leap in without the assurance that everyone was not getting together at … Continue reading "The Conference Call"

My Excuse For Today, Which Is A Different Day



Again I’m sorry, and I should know better, and I think on some level I do kind of know better. But I’m just all upset about this week’s Inspector Danger’s Crime Quiz because once again Werner Wejp-Olsen has come up with a minute bit of crime detection that I just can’t buy and this is … Continue reading "My Excuse For Today, Which Is A Different Day"

The 21st Talkartoon: Twenty Legs Under The Sea (there’s more; I counted)



There’s a new animator credited in today’s Talkartoon. Willard Bowsky’s turned up repeatedly here, including in Wise Flies and Swing You Sinners!. The new name is Tom Bonfiglio. He’d do a couple more Talkartoons and then, if I’m reading this right, jump over to Disney studios. After that I have a looser sense of what’s … Continue reading "The 21st Talkartoon: Twenty Legs Under The Sea (there’s more; I counted)"

My Excuse For Today



Yeah, I’m sorry I’m not keeping up with like anything that I ought to be. But I’m very busy workshopping a joke where the punch line is “and that one sentence completely changed everything I ever thought about Heraclitus!” That I’m having trouble figuring out how to frame it is definitely not because it’s too … Continue reading "My Excuse For Today"

What’s Going On In Mark Trail? From November 2017 to February 2018? Did He Scream A Lot?



Greetings, nature fans. I thank you for coming here in search of a quick explanation of the current plot in James Allen’s Mark Trail. If it’s later than about April 2018 when you read this, the essay might be hopelessly out of date. But if all goes well I’ll have a follow-up essay, maybe several. … Continue reading "What’s Going On In Mark Trail? From November 2017 to February 2018? Did He Scream A Lot?"

Statistics Saturday: Some Uncertified Winter Olympics Sports



Basketball Luge high jumps Riding cafeteria trays down the Approach hill without skidding into 8th street and getting run over by traffic The 5280 x 2m ski relay Underwater figure skating Snowman dressing Icicle knitting Cross-country finding the skiier who went out in all white before the polar bear blinking catches them Flagpole-licking Equestrian anything … Continue reading "Statistics Saturday: Some Uncertified Winter Olympics Sports"

Two Quick Updates



So, first, no, I still haven’t seen hint of my Peanuts calendar and I haven’t heard anything from Amazon and I’m starting to think this whole “calendar” thing is a hoax anyway. Just saying. Also, regarding Kieran Meehan’s syndicated comic strip Pros and Cons from this Tuesday: uhm. Kieran Meehan’s Pros and Cons is definitely … Continue reading "Two Quick Updates"