Where The Time Went



Over twelve of you have noticed this phenomenon. It’s actually over twelve percent of you, but I’m supposing there’s more than a cent of you out there. There will be anyway. But you’ve seen this. You look at a clock. It’s got seconds on it. That second just doesn’t change. It sticks to whatever time … Continue reading "Where The Time Went"

Vic and Sade: Meet The Parade Community



I don’t know when this episode of Vic and Sade first aired. It’s dated 1941, but it includes Rishigan Fishigan (of Sishigan, Michigan) as a major off-screen player. And he doesn’t seem to have been introduced before the 12th of December, 1941. The show aired five days a week, but that isn’t a lot of … Continue reading "Vic and Sade: Meet The Parade Community"

Vic and Sade: Meet Rishigan Fishigan



Sometimes a throwaway gag is too good to dispense with. In this installment, from the 12th of December, 1941, Vic’s boss has given him a list of people to buy Christmas presents for and twenty dollars to do it with. Sade expects she’ll have to do all the bother and that it will be an … Continue reading "Vic and Sade: Meet Rishigan Fishigan"

Vic and Sade: Meet Five Men From Maine



I’ve got a couple reasons to feature this bit of old-time radio. First is that my friend from Maine isn’t on the Internet this week so it’s safe to talk about the state. Second is that I haven’t really featured Vic and Sade lately, so I’d like to give it some attention. It’s the kind … Continue reading "Vic and Sade: Meet Five Men From Maine"

What’s Going On In Alley Oop? May 2017 – July 2017



Thanks for trying to work out what’s going on in Jack Bender and Carole Bender’s Alley Oop. I’m writing this in mid-July 2017. If it’s a lot later than July 2017, the story might have moved on, although I admit right now that’s not looking very likely. There might have been enough story development that … Continue reading "What’s Going On In Alley Oop? May 2017 – July 2017"

Statistics Saturday: What The Days This Week Have Felt Like



Day Felt Like Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Tuesday Weeping Wednesday Thursday Thursday Friday Friday A Pillow Full Of Bunny Kisses Saturday Take-Out From The Chinese Place With The Fake Vegetarian Chicken So Good You Kind Of Don’t Want To Check If It’s Real Chicken And They’re Just Lying Another Blog, Meanwhile Index The index rose … Continue reading "Statistics Saturday: What The Days This Week Have Felt Like"

In Which I Apologize For Messing Up All of Time



Yeah, so, it’s my fault. I’m sorry. That thing where we all went around all day Wednesday thinking it was Thursday? And a whole bunch of Thursday thinking it was Friday? That was me. I messed up somehow and took two days off my Peanuts page-a-day calendar. I don’t know how. I’m usually good about … Continue reading "In Which I Apologize For Messing Up All of Time"

In An Imperfect World



So you don’t live in a utopian future. You don’t have anything to be embarrassed by there. Over eight percent fewer of us do than you’d imagined. There are many ways that the world is pretty good, despite everything we’ve been through. The world has capybaras, for example. And if that weren’t enough, we keep … Continue reading "In An Imperfect World"

In Which The Retirement Community Billboard Baffles Me



No photograph, because I was driving and I’m not that reckless just yet. But if I didn’t read it wrong, the retirement community billboard said you didn’t have to be a Mason to live here. And I’m glad to know that, I guess, what with it not being like enough people have homes. And I’ve … Continue reading "In Which The Retirement Community Billboard Baffles Me"

Phantom Enjoys Daring Last-Minute Escape From Certain Doom



Tony DePaul, writer for The Phantom, was kind enough to stop in and give news about his strip. The news is that he and King Features Syndicate have reached an agreement about the rights to the stories he’d produced for the comic since 1999. And they have an agreement to have him keep writing as … Continue reading "Phantom Enjoys Daring Last-Minute Escape From Certain Doom"