Meanwhile In No; A Dream Report

So you know that extreme ping-pong sport where the competitors and table are all suspended from a beam extended from a skyscraper, far above ground? Sure, we’re all interested in that. OK, so apparently the dream world wants me to see a documentary about the crews that set up and test the harness and frames … Continue reading "Meanwhile In No; A Dream Report"

In Which I Don’t Know Something About Texas

My love happened to chat about pinball with someone from Texas this weekend. He (the Texan) mentioned that no, nobody has basements in Texas. And, fine, that will happen. I didn’t think much particularly about that revelation, because I grew up in New Jersey, where we don’t get tornadoes. If a tornado forms in the … Continue reading "In Which I Don’t Know Something About Texas"

In Which Things Are A Little On The Nose Here

Just saying. Oh, also, I want to point out my mathematics blog, with its weekly review of comic strips that mention mathematics in some way. Yesterday I put in the comics for the week prior and that included Pi Day so you can imagine just what sort of merriment was filling the comics pages. OK, … Continue reading "In Which Things Are A Little On The Nose Here"

What’s Going On In Mark Trail? December 2016 – March 2017

Mark Trail was the second story strip I reviewed as having had a sea change considerably improving it. And I’ve talked in passing about the major event of November and December. But let me recap the whole of the last few months as best I understand it. Mark Trail. 4 December 2016 through 18 March … Continue reading "What’s Going On In Mark Trail? December 2016 – March 2017"

Statistics Saturday: A Guide To Putting “City” At The End Of A City’s Name

Sounds Weird With “City” London Philadelphia Cincinnati Phoenix, Arizona Northwest Stanwood, Washington Paris Warren, Michigan Is OK Either Way New York City Bristol, Connecticut Winslow, Arizona Gloucester City, New Jersey Boulder, Colorado Paradise Dodd City, Texas Arkadelphia, Arkansas Boulder City, Nevada Sounds Weird Without “City” Atlantic City Mexico City Tell City, Indiana Kansas City, Missouri … Continue reading "Statistics Saturday: A Guide To Putting “City” At The End Of A City’s Name"

Caption This: Running Like A Chicken Edition

As I promised my other blog, the serious one, talked more about comic strips with mathematical themes yesterday. At least it did if the automated posting worked right. I set that one and this to appear without my specific intervention because I think I’m going to be busy? I might be busy anyway. I’d post … Continue reading "Caption This: Running Like A Chicken Edition"

What You Missed At The Record Show

Like five cups left out where someone put a teabag in and then discovered the hotel’s complementary coffee and tea service didn’t include hot water, just two kinds of regular coffee. Also one full cup of coffee-tea hybrid abandoned after two sips. Supertramp’s Breakfast In America in the five dollar bin. Oh wow this is … Continue reading "What You Missed At The Record Show"

An Apology In My Dreams

So to the seagull in my dream who was trying to apologize by delivering a fully functional rocket to my backyard: I appreciate the gesture. It’s a most impressive gift. And I do appreciate the work gone in to getting a Saturn I — not a V, not even the more hip I-B but an … Continue reading "An Apology In My Dreams"

Why I’m Still Stuck At The Meijer’s Check-Out Lane

The card reader wants to know if I had an extremely satisfying shopping experience? What would an extremely satisfying shopping experience be? I was just there to pick up a prescription and some toothpaste. I can imagine ways that this would be unsatisfying, like if I picked up a tube of Crest and it burst … Continue reading "Why I’m Still Stuck At The Meijer’s Check-Out Lane"

Caption This: Supplemental: Hurrk.

As has gotten to be normal for Mondays I mostly want to point you over to my mathematics blog where I thrill folks by showing off a 1956 installment of Jimmy Hatlo’s comic strip Baby Schnooks’ll Do It Every Time. I don’t know, but it brings in the readers, so who am I to object? … Continue reading "Caption This: Supplemental: Hurrk."