What’s Going On In Gil Thorp? July – September 2017



Last week I was all set to talk Gil Thorp when I realized it was Rex Morgan, M.D.‘s turn. I won’t make that mistake again! … But I’m writing this in late September, 2017. If it’s much later than September 2017 for you, the stories might have moved on. At or near the top of … Continue reading "What’s Going On In Gil Thorp? July – September 2017"

Statistics Saturday: The Major Star Trek Characters Ordered By Appearances In Episode Or Movie Title



Star Trek: Discovery not included because I’ve been avoiding spoilers including episode title lists so la la la la do not tell me I can not hear you la la la. Character Title Appearances Q 6 Data 4 Mudd 3 Bashir 2 Spock 2 Dax 1 Khan 1 Quark 1 Sarek 1 Troi 1 Archer … Continue reading "Statistics Saturday: The Major Star Trek Characters Ordered By Appearances In Episode Or Movie Titles"

In Which I Stall For The Reasons



I’m sorry. I saw the lawyer for the Insane Clown Posse, or the “Juggalawyer” as apparently they call him, while watching Samantha Bee’s show last night and I don’t really know what things are anymore. So uh, here. Something from a park we visited last weekend. The question: Was the sign placed there fortuitously … … Continue reading "In Which I Stall For The Reasons"

How To Sketch A Thing



Drawing a thing can be a fun recreational and creative pastime, people who are able to draw tell us. For the rest of us it’s a lot of being angry at how we have this killer hilarious cartoon in our heads and it will never, ever be manifested in a way that doesn’t look like … Continue reading "How To Sketch A Thing"

In Which I Am Again Baffled By Modern Capitalism



So I was in Meijer’s, remembering to buy sandwich bags and forgetting to buy trash bags, because we’re in one of those occasional phases of life where we don’t have the right number of bags. I came upon a big pile of boxed consumer goods: a Michigan State University Spartans Crock-Pot. I’m aware, Crock-Pot is … Continue reading "In Which I Am Again Baffled By Modern Capitalism"

Watching Some Cartoons: Educated Fish



I realized I haven’t done one of those posts where I talk about a cartoon in a while. So here’s one. It’s from every 1930s animation fan’s favorite studio if they don’t admit that, yeah, Disney was doing amazing things then: Fleischer Studios. (It is hard to come up with an era when Disney wasn’t … Continue reading "Watching Some Cartoons: Educated Fish"

World Possibly Ending Sometime Wednesday



I know I’ll feel like a fool if we get to Friday and the world as we know it hasn’t ended, but I’ll deal with that if it comes. You know how your neighborhood has that vaguely creepy, inexplicable shop? Ours is this office supply shop. It’s got a faded poster for Fischer Space Pens … Continue reading "World Possibly Ending Sometime Wednesday"

What’s Going On In Rex Morgan, M.D.? June – September 2017



I am embarrassed to admit this is a story summary done in greater haste than usual. Somehow I’d got in my head that I was due to review Gil Thorp and was thinking about that storyline all week, and then late Saturday actually looked at my schedule. I’ll try to be fairly complete about this … Continue reading "What’s Going On In Rex Morgan, M.D.? June – September 2017"

Statistics Saturday: Some Things That Yeah, We’ve Tried Already, They Didn’t Work



Turning it off and back on again. Going back into the other room and thinking what we wanted to come in here for. Club soda. Writing an apology for losing our temper, at least, since it is true to say we were wrong to do that. Trigonometric substitution. Offering it again, with a raisin as … Continue reading "Statistics Saturday: Some Things That Yeah, We’ve Tried Already, They Didn’t Work"

On The Problems Of Credit In The 19th Century New England Economy



I don’t expect a letter of gratitude from Josh Lauer, author of Creditworthy: A History of Consumer Surveillance and Financial Identity in America, for being the first person to take his new book of that identity out from the library, but I wouldn’t turn it down either. Anyway, what’s got me is this mention about … Continue reading "On The Problems Of Credit In The 19th Century New England Economy"